Books of the month

July - 2021


Antonio Gramsci and the Ancient World (Routledge, 2021, 402 pages, US$ 160 [Ebook: US$ 44,05]), edited by Emilio Zucchetti and Anna Maria Cimino, brings together essays on the relationship between the work of the Italian Marxist thinker Antonio Gramsci and Greco-Roman antiquity. The authors analyze themes from Archaic Greece to Late Antiquity in the light of Gramscian conceptions, the receptions of his theories between classicists and antiquists and Gramsci's own reflections on aspects of Greco-Roman history. For scholars of Ancient History “from below”, the book presents an important thinker for the development of this approach in History in general, also demonstrating the innovative ways in which his theories help to ask questions to ancient documents using this perspective.



Em Defesa de Milão (Archeditora, 2021, 216 pages, paper back, R$54,90), translated for the first time to Brazilian Portuguese by Marlene Borges, is a speech given by Cicero in favor of Milan, consul candidate sent in exile for the assassination of Publius Clodius, the most radical of the popular politicians in the last century of the Roman Republic. Borges also includes the translation of a comment by Asconius that opposes Cicero's rhetoric. As a whole, the two texts allow us to discuss the political engagement in the late Republic. They illuminate the circumstances that led to the assassination of Clodius and the popular commotion that it unleashed in the city of Rome, expressed in revolts that resulted, among other things, in the fire of the Senate house. This bilingual edition Latin-Portuguese includes an Introduction on the narrated events and aspects of Cicero's rhetoric, as well as the translator's notes.